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Events, Workshops, Landscape, Nature and Fine Art Photography

I'm involved in many aspects of photography, including sports photojournalism, landscape and nature photography and photography as art. My services include coverage of sports events such as horse shows and motocross, photo tours and instruction in digital photography, including instruction in Adobe™ Photoshop™, Adobe™ Photoshop™ Lightroom™ and Adobe Photoshop Elements™ on both Apple Macintosh™ and Microsoft Windows™ computers and web site design. More information is on the “CLI Services” page and the “CLI Workshops” page. You can request details using the “Contact CLI” page.

I can make archival-quality prints of your images. Just use the
File Upload page. If you'd like a print of any of my images on this site or any of my others, just send me a message with the “Contact CLI” page.

The handouts for my talks to local camera clubs are in Adobe Acrobat form on my "
Public Folder" page.

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